Social Media…Root of All Evil…Blah Blah Blah

*Blogging from the comfort of Tess’s bed as she cleans her room*

Sometimes I like to sit and listen to my friends who are in relationships or may be about to get into one, because I don’t have anything else to do hehe. The biggest running topic I’ve heard from everyone is what the significant other is doing on some social media site. 

“She’s in his top 3 on Snapchat. Ugh.”-says a friend I love dearly. 

“He liked her picture on Instagram.”-says another friend as she cuts her eyes. 

Not that I haven’t done my fair share of creeping, because if I tried to say I haven’t I would get struck by lightening. My question is WHY do we as millennials let the world of social media control and consequently destroy our relationships? I’ve said a million times that I would be much better off if I had grown up in a world without the ability to know everyone’s every move. Social media takes the fun of getting to know people out, because information is right there at one click.

I have watched so many relationships fail as a result of something someone saw on Facebook. It’s unacceptable that we have let this become a normal thing for our generation. More relationships fail than are successful anymore, and that is so sad. It discourages single people from even wanting to get in a relationship. Shouldn’t we want to change the future of relationships, even if it means being a little less narcissistic and cooling it with posts and statuses? A relationship should be, and needs to be, more important to someone than the number of likes they might get on their Instagram post. 

I feel a little like the pot calling the kettle black with this post, because i’ve done my fair share of creeping and freaking out. If it comes down to my relationship being in jeopardy though, even I feel like I could get off of social media and focus on what’s important. 

I hope our generation turns around the fate of our future relationships, and treats social media like it was intended- a way to stay in touch with friends. Stop trying to be a detective and let your relationships develop naturally. 




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